Questions about the best way to install OSMC on Raspberry PI B

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a Raspberry Pi B, and am trying to set up a combination of OpenHAB (home automation) and OSMC on it. Currently, I have OpenHAB installed on Rasbpian. So I have a few questions.

First, can I install the OSMC packages on my current (Raspbian) setup, or would I be better off installing the OpenHAB application (along with Java and its dependencies) on a fresh OSMC install?

Second, either way, where do I find the packages to install (OSMC)? Do I install them originally from the github repository, or is there an actual download somewhere?

Thanks for any help. :smile:

You won’t be able to install the OSMC packages on Raspbian, as OSMC is a very tightly integrated system.

You could probably install OpenHAB under OSMC however.

Ok, so my next question is, how do I get the installer (or the image file)?

Thanks. :smile:

From the OSMC download page :wink:

Ok, I feel totally stupid now. LOL I was on that page about ten times, and thought that the installers would install it on that particular operating system. I totally mis-read the current operating system part.

Thanks again, and have a great day.:smile:

@PatrickDickey PatrickDickey, did you manage to get it up and running? I’m fairly new to all of this and got Java on the pi and believe that openHAB is properly set up, but when I started it, I got all kinds of error messages. Have you got it working?

Hi steve1,

Yes I did get it working. Your best bet is to post a thread with your messages, and the steps you took to install and run OpenHAB. You could post them as a reply here, but there’s no guarantee it will work for you. Did you at least get OSMC installed and working properly?

Have a great day.:slight_smile:


I’m new to all this. Can I ask how you got this working? Going to attempt it tonight and thought I’d ask for pointers before hand.

Many thanks