Questions and Help please


I’m pretty new to the forums here as well as OSMC & Raspberry Pi. I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading and research and I have several questions that I’m hoping that some could answer please:

  1. I am looking to have the OSMC Raspberry Pi solution as a stand alone media box. That being said, I want to be able to set this up to watch streamed internet channels as well as music. What is the easiest solution for this? I’ve in the USA if that gives any help.

  2. Is a PVR required to be enabled to watch the streamed channels?

  3. Also, my wife is from Poland and wants this to be setup in a way to be able to pulled streamed channels from Poland. Has anyone ever done this and can you offer some details / steps to get this working please?

Again, I am not connecting this to any tuners. I’m using this as a standalone box to watched Internet streamed programs and looking for the easiest solutions.

Thanks everyone.

I don’t use any PVR for the channels I watch - but then i don’t try to record them.
As to whether you can watch channels from Poland, it all depends on the provider and any restrictions they place on them.
There is information in the kodi wiki about watching internet channels and PVRs.