Questions on my new Vero4k+


The router is probably crashing. The vendor may have some log system to work out what the issue is


Thank you fzinken and sam_nazarko.

I will try to follow the guide to share from the Vero. Hopefully i can acess my shares from abroad over my already configured OpenVPN connection.

Cheers guys


Hello guys,

sorry to only get back to you now, i was on vacation :blush:

I really gave up on sharing my content from the router because:

  • i start a 4K Movie
  • let it play for 5/10 Minutes.
  • stop the Video
  • Start another Video (can even be a SD one)

The Router restarts itself.

I already tried removing everything that’s connected, just letting the Pi and the Vero. It still happens. Even when not playing from the Vero but from my PC.

My guess is the samba shares are the issue, since it only happens within Kodi.

So now i wanted to share my HDD from the Vero, but i have trouble understanding the instructions :confused:

It says first: “add a line to fstab… UUID=uuidofpartition…”

And after that it says: “type blkid… To get the value of uuidofpartion”

But we really have to type “blkid” first to put that value into fstab instead of “uuidofpartion” correct?

As my router has the IP… Do i have to put that + /24 into the mySharedDrive file, or do i have to enter the static IP address that i’ve assigned to my vero?

Will i still be able to acess the shares from abroad over my OpenVPN Server, that’s on my RPi, without having to change anything?

Thanx a lot and sorry for so many noob questions :smile:


Mario Pedro


If you install the SMB Server from App Store, drives are automatically shared.



thanx for the fast reply sam_nazarko

isn’t NFS better for shares?

i read that the performance was better :confused:

cheers and keep up the good work

Mario Pedro


Yes NFS has better performance but setup is not as plug and play as Samba from the APP Store and also would not allow native access from Windows.


ok, get it fzinken. :slight_smile:

i will look into the tutorial for Samba, still pretty new to this :see_no_evil:

thanks for now. i will get back to you


Mario Pedro


i think it worked with with SMB

the library is builduing right now.

will get back with a report and (hopefully) we can close this thread :slight_smile:

keep up the good work guys

Mario Pedro


A few concerns:

  • Is there any way to put the connected HDD to sleep like i do with the Vero?

  • is there a way to eject the HDD properly?

  • can i use kodi on OSMC for retro gaming, or is it better to install retropie on a RPi?

  • OpenVPN is the way to go of i want to use my VPN provide on OSMC, correct?

Thanx a lot for all the work

Mario Pedro


The disk will automatically spindown if no client is accessing it for a while. But if more than one client access it that spindown times will be less

You would need to stop samba server and then umount. But surely as your Vero now acts as a NAS you should not do that often and if you do it easiest is to shutdown the Vero for the time.

With the upcoming Kodi v18 you can use the buildin retro player