Quick question about movie folders

Obviously using OSMC on my vero4k but I want to know if I can split my movies folder into several sections.

Currently my movies shows me the contents of all my folders in one location, I’d like to have My movies, and Kids Movies but I can’t seem to figure out a way? What am I missing here…

There are a couple of ways to achieve this. Start looking around here. If you have children you do not want to see certain content, the cleanest solution is a separate profile.

I agree that the profile option is probably best. Otherwise, you can put it in multiple folders, but you’d have to rely on the kids not to go in to those folders.

Alternatively, you can add each folder as a separate source, and use a pin code to protect each source.


I’m not bothered about the kids having access to it, each has there own Vero and it’s set up so they only see what I don’t mind them seeing… It’s just the living room player that has all folders so like this morning when they wanted a film on while eating breakfast they had to scroll though aliens and natural born killers etc until they got to Winnie the Pooh… So I thought maybe it’s time I tinkered with it and tried to separate it, so the kids films where in a different subsection… The playlist option seems complicated, will it work on the OSMC skin? I might give it a try…

How are your shares added?
I think it’s fstab from the top of my head, in which case we could use some symbolic links to create folders like ‘Cartoons’ etc.

They are NFS I think, you were gonna help me set up fstab one day but you said as it’s working leave it alone lol :wink:

On my back up server it has the kids films in a folder and my films in another folder… When I set the young kids Vero up I only added the kids folder as a source so there’s is fine and can play away unmonitored… But the livingroom and teenagers room have both folders added so show everything.

So I’ve disabled auto playing the next film on these 2 machines, and just thought if I could have 2 movies folders it would be better… But it seems the smart playlists don’t work on the OSMC skin, the guides all say to use aeon nox… Which I don’t want to do.

It doesn’t look like it’s gonna be a simple task of making another folder and pointing it somewhere so I’m past my abilities with Kodi lol…

I guess profiles is the only quick solution for your problem.