R Pi 3 with touch screen, best skin?

I have R. Pi 3 with the dedicated touch screen. The OSMC skin doesn’t work with the touch screen very well and I want to change.

I would like a simple skin with big buttons like Car PC-Carbon. Does any body have the same hardware and do you have some suggestions?

Car PC-Carbon used t work but an update yesterday killed it.

There was no osmc update yesterday the last official osmc release 2019-07-1 came in July or August I think

Aren’t you aware that skin and add-ons may update at any time without user interaction if automatic updates are enabled in the add-on browser?! OP never said it was an OSMC update.

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I instigated the update as the device had not been powered on for a year or so.

That means you updated from Kodi 17 to 18. So you would need to use a Skin that is compatible with Kodi 18.
For touch screens you can try Estouchy

That CarPC-Carbon skin was updated for Kodi v18, it’s just on a separate GitHub page from the v17 one. You just need to go to here, click on the green “clone or download” button, and click on “download zip”.