Rainbow on RPi 3b+

I have been struggling for the past few days to run OSMC on a few new RPi’s 3 b+ v1.2 and it really is a hit 'n miss.

I’m using the OSMC tool to flash the micro SD. Been trying on a few different brand of cards (Samsung, SanDisk, Transcend and some chinese brand called Foresee, all HC) but end up with rainbow bootscreens.

I tried various builds from the first to some later releases to the latest ones.
Also tried with LAN or Wifi.

I already had a lot of trouble getting it to work on the pi 3 b non plus version, but I have to set up 8 brand new “plus” versions.

Make sure you are using the correct image.
What happens if you move from a Pi 3B to a B+?

I’m using OSMC_TGT_rbp2_ as images, so that shouldn’t be an issue (also tried on 2 different laptops thinking maybe one of them was acting up).
So I did as you suggested, booted it up on the B and it worked fine, updated to the latest version and moved the card to the B+, sadly it just results as a black screen.
Only solid red power led, no yellow.

There might be a problem with the hardware. I’d suggest trying on another Pi

I had that with a PI2 where I had to add a special boot parameter for it to boot up.
It did not work on my PI B+ devices though. On both, if not set correctly, I had the rainbow screen.
Don’t remember the option anymore as I don’t have the PI 2 anymore to compare.

I tried with a new b+ (got another 7 to test, all brand new) and with a different SD card.
Same result, black screen.
Noob works tho on the B+

Please show a screenshot of the contents of the SD card.

Not necessary anymore… I’m sorry to have wasted your time.
Turns out its an exact clone from asia that only runs noob OS and not even correctly.
I’m very surprised they look so similar to the original ones…

Already contacted Amazon to send those rippoffs asap to order real Pi’s.
So disappointed, every time I buy technology in Italy there is a higher chance of getting asian clones.
I’m going to continue work on the pi 3 and prepare the SD cards for when the real arrives.

I haven’t heard of this. I’m not sure how it can only run NOOBS and not OSMC. Do you have a link about this?

You could probably post on the Pi forums and a moderator would be able to confirm if the devices are genuine.

Thats what I will do once im back home.
What a waste of time lol been breaking my head for 3 days on it already

Please take a photo of the silkscreen and RAM