Random black screens during playback


Since a few days i am getting random black screens during playback. The black screens do last for about 2 sec. Video seems to continue in the background. Its not reproducable. Frist i thought its the file but it happens with all files. Im using my vero 4k now for about 2 years. Havent changed anything… suddendly i get this black screens now since a few days.
Today on the 4.2.2020 in got two short black screens at 22:51 and 23:01 shortly after i stopped the playback. In havent found anything interesting in the logs:

Any ideas? What can i do?



Maybe try Adjust display refresh rate on Start/Stop instead of Always.
Also did you try to swap HDMI cable?
Also can try to enable HDP Lock but if nothing has changed than that is an unlike issue.

A new HDMI cable should solve the problem.