Random commercials in osmc

Hi guys,

So last night i was watching a movie. Just 10 min before it ended it stopped the movie and startet showing commercials. Now i cant see anything as it keeps stopping what ever im playing and showing commercials.
Even on my twitch addon and when im messing around in the settings area.
Have i gotten some weird osmc virus.
Also, sometimes it cant get the commercial going so it gives me an error message: error get_video.
Please help!

Kind regards

Edit: im on a Pi 2

What addons have you installed?


inb4 illegal streaming addon

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Hi guys,

Im running the latest osmc version and there are no new updates.
Its a Raspberry Pi 2, its wired and running on a 32 gb sd card.
There are no usb hdd attatch to the PI.
The only Addon i have is the Twitch addon.
There has never been anything else installed.
My movies are on a NAS and i use the samba protocol to access them.
Iv been using OSMC for about ½ a year and never had any problems.

Kind regards

Do this please



Hi Toast,

I will do that as soon as i get back home.

Hi CaNsA,

I know that they show commercials when i am watching twitch.
Its always been like that. But those are in the twitch addon.
The problem im having is that no matter what im watching, a movie or some twitch channel or even if im just idle in the settings menu, it will stop whatever im doing and will play or try to play some ad.

After spending some time today thinking about it, i’m beginning to suspect that it is somehow related to the remote function.
It behaves like someone is trying to play a movie via the remote. As in stopping all and playing the thing you pressed on your tablet/phone.
So i will try to turn off the “Allow control of Kodi via HTTP” and see if that does anything to address the problem.

Kind regards

LOGS - Provide them.

This behavior is completely unheard of as well as the existence of any “virus” that affects OSMC or the raspberry pi. Debug logs will indicate what is causing the issue.

Do you have your OSMC open to the internet with port 80?

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay.

First, port 80 is not exposed to the internet.

When i got home i turned off:
“Allow programs on this system to control Kodi”
“Announce these services to other systems via Zeroconf”
“Allow Kodi to receive AirPlay content”
“Allow control of Kodi via HTTP”

Since then i have not had any commercial playing in OSMC.

Now i have turned on the debugging and I am turning on the services one by one to figure out if its one of those that are the problem.

On that note i have a question about the logging.
Is the log overwritten at anytime or is it just appending to it?

Kind regards


3 Log files

  • kodi.log or xbmc.log - This is the log file of most recent (or currently running) Kodi session.
  • kodi.old.log or xbmc.old.log - This is the log file from the last Kodi session. If Kodi crashes AND you have restarted it before viewing the log, this is the one you want.

Hi Guys,

So, since i startet debugging and startet turning on each of the remote options, there has been no commercials playing.

So for now im just going to keep the debugging on if it starts doing it again.

Thanks for your help.
But i do hope it starts again so i can figure out whats going on.

Kind regards

It woulda been a good idea to just turn on debugging and wait for the issue to occur.

Then we could see what caused it.

Thanks for your help here. I’ve had some issues with ads running on a music station we have for a restaurant, and weirdly enough after going into the settings I saw that the remote access was activated.

I hope that this resolves the ad situation.

Some addons use third party file lockers / streaming websites that have adverts.