Random crashes?

Since a few weeks (or 1-2months, I haven’t used my Vero4k in a while) I seem to get random crashes all the time not too long after I booted the device. Then I have to unplug and plug it in again to get the Vero4k to start again.
While debugging is enabled I also see the CPU running over 100% (up to 200%) most of the time.

During this the Vero4K crashed twice.

This is a log before with only 1 crash:

Everything worked just fine before. Can anybody help me out please?

I had a similar experience with my 4-year old Vero 4K. In the space of couple of weeks it just got worse and worse until it finally refused to boot at all (Red LED permanent).

It turned out to be the Power supply, and I’m not the first it has happened to.

Among my crates full of maybe a hundred old power supplies I found exactly one with the right voltage and connector albeit only 1,2 amps (the original is 2 amps), and voila it booted and was stable.

I ordered two new power supplies from here and all is well now.

Try replacing the power supply.

When you say you experience a crash, do you see a sad face?

no, just a black screen.