Random reboot

Hi all,

Since months, I am experiencing a lots of self reboot of my Raspberry PI Model B Rev 2.0, 512MB Ram.
It only happens when idle, never when playing a video file.

I now it happens a lot, because if found my tv powered on by itself, whereas I previously powered it off, and the source as switched to Raspberry’s hdmi input.
The CEC is self powering the tv when the PI is rebooting.

It happens randomly, from few times per week to many times per day.

Here is an old log upload back from November or December 15 http://paste.osmc.io/ojewoyujog
Here is a newer log upload as of today. http://paste.osmc.io/icunikijev

OMSC install is kept up to date, and months after months I hope the new update/upgrade will solve this problems, but it keeps on happening, so, I’m taking some time to register an account here and post this to get some help.

I’ve read the logs files, but I’m not skilled enough to get what’s wrong there.

thanks for any help and advices,


The end of the log shows a library update was in progress. You have a libraryautoupdate add-on.
Can you try disabling that and seeing if it improves things?

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Yes, I use “XBMC Library Auto Update” v 0.9.8, by robweber.

I’ve set it up to scan my NFS shares every 10 minutes, to automatically scrap info about the new movies/shows that was downloaded by my NAS.

Could this be the reason of my problem ?
I’m disabling the add-on from now, and I’ll report later if it helped or not.


I’ve had tons of trouble with that addon on my pi1. Remove it 100%. Better to do it manually. Besides if you go to the left side of the screen and do update library it will bring up anything new you’ve added to your network HDs.
I found that the fastest way to remove a movie was to first delete it from my HD and then try to play it on the pi…It will just ask you if you want to delete it since it cant find it.

My TV would be on every morning and I couldn’t figure out why, turns out it was the WatchDog" addon. Since then I have disabled CEC until I figure out the the CEC options are blank even after changing skins.

After a few days, everything looks ok now.
Thanks @popcornmix for your fast and accurate reply.

@all, is there any other way to get auto-update of the media library ?
It is just boring to manually update it every days


@Sandbird, to remove files from library that don’t exist anymore on remote shares, I prefer using the “clean library” option, much faster.

I have XBMC Library Auto Update addon installed on the Pi2 after a clean install of the Feb update. It has been working fine for me, I have the scan set to 1 hour. The key thing for me to prevent the TV from turning on was to either disable CEC (which I want to keep enabled) so turning off the “Try to wake remote servers on access” under System > Power Saving was my work around.

Since doing that my TV no longer turns on, I haven’t tested this with WatchDog but XBMC Library Auto Update was also waking my TV so probably the same applies to WatchDog, if someone wants to test?

I have a WOL script on a Pi1 that I use for scripts that monitor a few IP address for my TV’s and wake the server when the TV is turned on so I don’t need Kodi doing that part for me. The server also stays active if certain IP addresses are online so I don’t need to worry about the server going to sleep.

I would also double check to make sure the Pi is actually rebooting or just turning the TV on? Check under system info and look at the up time.