Randomly blue/green tinted picture on Sony KDL-32EX600

When you change the setting HDMI is re-set, which must be restoring the friendship between Vero and your TV. I would expect the same to happen if there’s a mode change when you start a video that’s not 60Hz refreshrate (your GUI is 1080p60).

I can’t think what might be causing this, but if you have CEC turned on, try turning it off (Settings->Input->Peripherals).

We went through all the change cables/clean HDMI plugs and sockets/change to a different HDMI input stuff before, right?

Yes we tried al other options :smile:

I’ve disabled CEC. Will report later, after some testing, movies …

I’m so sorry but this didn’t help either :pensive:


So am I. The only thing I can think (on the Vero side) is your PSU is getting weak and that’s somehow not delivering enough power to HDMI. If you have an alternative PSU (5V2A) it would be worth a shot (long shot).

Ok, thanks for the effort. I will try with an alternative PSU in the next couple of days. Although it seems strange to me, because the problem was there in the first week but I had a year without problems.
I will also try an other monitor or TV.

I’ll let you know :wink:

I forgot this is a very new device - just in warranty??

I purchased the Vero4k+ on the second of November 2021.

Ok tried a few PSU’s and monitors. The problem only occurred on the Sony LED TV (tested a couple of hours). So I’m giving up. The TV is at least 10 years old, but is still doing what it’s supposed to do. So I’ll try the Vero again when there’s a new TV :laughing:

Thanks for the support! I know the Vero4K+ is a great device, but In my case I am the unlucky one :smiling_face_with_tear:


Sad to hear that. I’ve just thought: if you were using an AVR, that might provide a signal your TV likes better. Or you could even try an inexpensive powered device that passes HDMI through such as this one


Well, maybe I"ll try this out. Or I could sabotage the TV and ask Santa for a new one :wink: