Rapberry pi3 audio player - thanks for advice

Hi there.
Not sure if this helps anyone, but just wanted to share my experiences. And thank the folks on the forum for all the things they post - which helped me do this project.
I have a Vero 4K (very happy - use it constantly - audio out via a usb Creative DAC to Creative T50 pc speakers; sounds OK)
Anyway, I have my CD archive in .ape, .flac and .ogg format, & Vero does that no worries. But, I wanted to play my archive via my “good” speakers in another room.
I have a pi 3 that I was tinkering with and thought I would give OSMC a whirl. Loaded the most recent version onto a sandisk 32 gd card. Little fiddly to find the network drives (where the music is archived), but got that to work. The GUI is not much good. The video output is via HDMI to a TV.
The output from the pi is via USB to a Cambridge DAC I had in the cupboard, thence to a Rotel amp and some little Denon bookshelf speakers. It sounds great.
The pi is in a flirc enclosure, and I noticed it was quite warm. I searched the forums here - temps of 70 or so seem to be OK, and so I logged in via ssh and threw a <> command. The max temp, when heavy duty chamber music is playing peaked at 52deg C. But mostly it is in the low 40s. I gather the 40 - 60 C temp range is quite OK.
So, I have a quite workable player, it seems.
So thanks to the folks on this forum (and the pi fora) for advice and ideas.
Now, I’d like to use a different screen - not the TV. I know pi have little 7" touch screens. Does anyone know of a case I could use to combine the screen and the pi to make a unit?
Failing that, I’ll just have to make one…
Thanks for reading.

I believe there are a few options. Is this in the neighborhood what you are looking for? It seems to be the most common one judging by the amount of shops that sell it.