RAR archive GUI Error

Since Kodi Matrix I’ve been seeing on-screen errors about there not being enough memory available to decompress a RAR archive. Up till now ignored as irritation.

But in looking into another issue – posted in another thread just now – I find that it is trying to open .rar files that don’t exist at all. (maybe did at some point?). 4 files from 4 movie directories, repeatedly.

Next step is just removing those 4 movies and re-adding to library, but is there another fix here? What’s the issue?

DEBUG <general>: AddOnLog: vfs.rar: CRARControl::ArchiveList: Request file nfs:// not present
DEBUG <general>: Interface_General::queue_notification - RAR archive support - Error Message : 'Not enough memory available to decompress file'

debug log:

Second line is a rather descriptive of the problem, since you are not mentioning which device you are running, I can just guess that it’s a low memory device, like pi =< 2gb ram, or a Vero4k(+) 2gb ram too.

How big is this rar file? As I understand it you have 4 rar files for 4 movies, ergo not that small rar files. The other part if the media is encode for size, like mpegX, h.264, h.265 or other formats, it’s often so compressed that rar will most likely compress less then 1%, but add another obstruction layer. In my mind there is no real reason to keep video rar:ed, just invites problems.

Thanks for your reply. There are no RAR files at all, of any size, as described.

Agree. In “rare” cases, .rars remained in same directory as the expanded video file, but not in any of these cases, at least anymore. They may have been there when expanded video file first added to library but that was long ago. Didn’t have this error – as a notificaiton – until Matrix.


EDIT: removing these 4 movies from library and re-adding them seems to have solved this issue. Still curious about what happened there, though.