Rasberry pi 2 Display 7 inch original

Hi there ,
I get tommorow my rasberry pi 2 with the 7 inch screen.
The goal is to set this up as a media player for music and movies.
The 7 screen is to turn on music without the need of turning in the TV.
I did read that it was possible to see both screens when watching a movie.

Quistion is : what kind of resolution is the rasberry pi 2 sending to my tv ?
I hope the full HD 1900x1600 and the the 800x420 to the 7 inch display.
Lucky the september upgrade is out and it will support.
Can somebody write some tips and tricks on this topic?

Kodi really doesn’t have any native support for dual monitors so subsequently, neither does OSMC. The following was helpful for someone but again, we don’t yet have a browser to take advantage of in such a situation as this yet. http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=110333&pid=2060673#pid2060673

Thanks for your reply.