Rasberry Pi 3B no wireless

im downloaded the latest osmc 2020.10-1 for my raspberry pi 3B, and set a wireless connection on the installer, but osmc still didn’t have internet, i went into “my osmc” and into “network” and i only saw wired, Bluetooth, mySQL, there is no wireless/wifi option, i looked online and found many with similar issues, but i still can’t find the way to fix it?!

Has wireless ever worked?

You’ll need to connect the Pi by cable and upload full logs via MyOSMC > Logging (select all options). Then post the URL it returns.

I wanted to make my TV smart, the wireless never worked / showed up, on the first boot in the setup it said the internet wasn’t connected, then it took me to the menu, and i didn’t see wireless / WIFI, my router is all the way downstairs is there any way i could save the logs to the SD card and upload it here?

actually here, i’ve managed to save and upload the logs: https://pastebin.com/iVKisyZQ

The wlan0 interface seems to be detected but is not brought up.

You could try see if WIFi works under Raspberry Pi OS to rule out a hardware issue.

The log shows that fsck corrected some file system errors on the root partition, so perhaps something has become corrupted on the SD card.

i’ve made the pi into a sever recently, so i know the wifi is working correctly without a hardware issue, i’ve re-flashed it a few times now, re-downloading the image and it get’s the no wifi thing right on the setup, so i dought it was a corruption, is there anything i can do? maybe force it to show the wifi option?

How recently? This sounds like a hardware failure

it was the last thing i had, but i switched it out with a windows 7 shared folder server