Rasberry Pi to OSMC

I have downloaded the OSMC software to my USB device and I would now like to know how I run this software on my raspberry pi and what do I do to get OSMC working on my raspberry pi? Anyone know anything about this?

Do you have a computer at home with a SD card reader? The preferred way is to use the installer (Download - OSMC) and using your PC/Laptop write the installation to the SD card by using the installer.

An alternative method is to download the disk-image and write that to your SD card but we’d much rather you use the proper installer.

NOOBS (Download NOOBS for Raspberry Pi) is another way to install OSMC. This is installed by default (I think) on all ‘official’ Raspberry Pi SD cards and should make the install fairly easy for you.

Yes I do but I don’t have another SD card so I downloaded it on a USB but I don’t know how to boot it up from here

Ah ok. The Raspberry Pi can only boot from SD.

You can perform a what we call a ‘USB install’ of OSMC where the main OSMC files live on the USB stick rather than on the SD card but even with this you will still need an SD card for the Pi to boot.

Sorry but no SD card, no boot. This is a Raspberry Pi ‘feature’ rather than an OSMC limitation.

how do I do a USB install then?

you must be able to run osmc from the USB?

On a Raspberry Pi you can only run OSMC in one of the following scenarios;

SD card only
SD card + USB
SD card + NFS share

ok thanks for your help

Sorry but it’s a Raspberry Pi thing. The first thing a Pi does after turning on is look at the SD card for further instructions, if there is no SD card then there is no further instructions.

I know that

Do I need to download Debian with OSMC on Raspberry Pi. I didn’t want to start a new thread. I am new to Raspberry Pi and think I have finally decided on OSMC over OpenElec. I have been using a bloated Chinese box for Kodi and decided to switch over. My question revolves around add-ons. I know how to add a source and download it, but where do I download to? I am assuming if I have Debian installed, I would have a download folder, but since I will be using this for Kodi only, I don’t think I need Debian correct, I could just download to the SD card? Any help before I get started is appreciated.

Do I assume correctly that you have a PC/MAC and a SD Card Reader? If yes than just use the installer to install OSMC onto the SD Card and everything will be done for you automatically.

Yes, I have a PC, and I am assuming I only need the disk image for OSMC, not the full download? Also, I am concerned with were my downloads from within Kodi would be found? I am assuing the same disk, or do I have to download to a USB?

Well whatever you want! The easiest way is to use the installer which then downloads the image and installs it on the SD card with the required information to then start the installation when you boot it on the Raspberry

Your question confuses and concerns me. Which downloads are you talking about? You mean addon downloads after you installed and run OSMC on the Raspberry? That would depend on if you choose a SD Card installation or a SD Card + USB installation which you can easily choose in the installer.

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Thanks, that actually answers my question. I am used to downloading on my phone and also an M8 box, I wasn’t sure if I could just download to the SD card. I am using an SD card with NOOBS and only downloading OSMC. Therefore, there is plenty of space on the card when I download my repositories. I think it will all become clear once I download OSMC. Thanks again.

Ok, NOOBS is a different story. You would not have the USB option in the installer that is only available if you do a OSMC only install not on a NOOBS install.
Generally would suggest a OSMC only install, if you want to stick to NOOBS then you would need to individually configure your download folders later.

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I didn’t realize I can run just OSMC without first loading NOOBS. How would I install OSMC without having NOOBS, I thought Noobs was needed to get the RaspPi up and running? I will have to research this and get myself another card and experiment. As I said, I am new to this as I just want a streamlined box for Kodi. Thanks again.

Well I think I indicated that 12 hours ago