Rasp pi3, krypton latest version CEC stopped working

Hi guys,

Since the latest update of krypton 17, I have seen issues on my one of my rasp pi3.

My rasp pi3 is connected to my samsung ue32k5505 over hdmi, and when I start up my rasp and tv the remote don´t work on my rasp.

If I then disable anynet+ and enable it again, all the buttons I have taped on my remote gets to the rasp.

Sometimes if I just let it run for some time, it starts to work.

If I enter via ssh the cec-client and start to work.

But for some reason it wont work right away as it has done for a long periode time…

Is there anything I can try to here, reinstall a cec-client software or?? :slight_smile:

what log should I provide here?? the CEC-Client output??

Looking forward to some help here :slight_smile:


make sure the FIRST button you press on your tv remote is the BACK button
so for example I leave my pi on 24/7 and only switch the tv off
so after I switch the tv on and select the pi input the FIRST button I press on my tv remote is the BACK button. if I press any other button the cec does not work.

Hi there,

When my kid turn on his pi3 and also turns on his tv… since they are both connected to the same power outlet on the wall.

The TV automatic is on the hdmi 1 port, and the back button I have tried also… the funny things is that some times after serval hours is works …