Raspberry at local level, Kodi and EMBY server in Theater

I am running OSMC in one room and will expand to everyone as soon as the kinks are worked out. In my dedicated theater I have EMBY and Kodi with the plug ins to connect and pair the two. When I first turn on Kodi in the theater it takes a little while for the two to sync and enable direct play but its nothing major. I have been playing around with alternative paths forever and a day now to get direct play on the OSMC in the other room and always get the prompt for http or http and remember later which is pretty frustrating after a week. I allowed the HDD that is connected via USB 3.0 to the HTPC and have it enabled to share the drive on my network with no limits. I thought I enabled the alternative paths correctly but may not have and I attempted to add new sources to the rasp. I still get the HTTP promp. How am I able to assure direct play and direct streams to minimize resource? is it a SMB or NFS I am obviously doing something wrong somewhere and everything I read just makes it more confusing - it will say in EMBY //MyServer so do I just add the ip addy and port or just type myserver? it say type a place the device can reach well my network is pretty open with the exception of a firewall and VPN and external protections so it shouldn’t have a issue accessing anything. When I shared the HDD I gave it a new name to make it easier. Can someone please tell me how to set this up properly on EMBY as well as the Rasp running OSMC?

What exactly are you trying to do that you’re having trouble with?

Need advice sharing files from osmc? Would you rather nfs or cifs (samba)?

I did read your post, but I don’t know what an EMBY is, have no interest in knowing, and even if I did know, I still don’t think I’d understand your question.

Without knowing EMBY, you would not be able to assist. Thanks for your time