Raspberry Pi 2 and High@L4.2 AVCHD

I’m thinking about buying a RasPi2, because of my A/V sync problems with videos from my panasonic hc-v-707 camcorder:

Can anyone already owning a RasPi2 check if 1080p50 High@L4.2 AVCHD videos play with audio and video in sync?
If someone is willing to test it, I made a ~30sec test video (fingers tapping on a table) which is in sync on my Windows PC, but getting more an more out of sync on my RasPi with Raspbmc :frowning:
Thanks a lot in advance :smiley:

Here’s the test video: Dropbox - Error

Seems fine here, no problems or loss of a/v sync.

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Thank you for testing :kissing_heart: