Raspberry Pi 2 - install OSMC on USB or SD Card


I wanted to ask if it makes sense to install OSMC on a USB stick if I’m using a Raspberry Pi 2. My main question is about performance. Corruption of the SD card wouldn’t be that much of a problem because I’ll make some dump and in case of emergency I could just reinstall from dump (I’m using my Raspberry Pi 1 B+ since old Raspbmc times and never had a corruption of my SD card).

If it makes sense to use a USB stick, which one is good? Or are modern SD cards fast enough? If so which SD card is a good choice?

Thanks a lot
The Graf

The main reason for using USBstick was corruption of SDCard.
This is no longer seen as an issue, so now it really would be only necessary if you wanted added space.

A good SD card can be nearly as fast as a USB stick on a Pi - so I don’t think there is much call for a USB install these days. With the option to use the experimental sdhost driver coming soon (which supports impressive amounts of overclocking of SD card data transfer) it is even possible to get faster performance from a good SD card than you would from a typical USB thumb drive.

As for which cards, I’ve found Samsung cards to be among the fastest, with Sandisk a reasonable runner up. I would avoid Kingston cards like the plague - the ones I’ve tested are very slow.

If you’re price concious and only need 8GB the official 8GB Pi foundation noobs card is a good choice - not as fast as the Samsung but very similar performance (maybe slightly better) than the Sandisk, and a lot cheaper.

Thanks for the replies :smile: this makes things clear to me!

@DBMandrake: price is not such an important topic for me. 5 Euro more or less shouldn’t matter. I was thinking about buying a Sundisk Extreme SDSDQXN-016G-G46A because I found a good offer (an ok price) and it seems to have good performance on the following comparison. What do you think? Does this comparison reflect your experiences?

That SD card is more than adequate for OSMC


@sam_nazarko: Thanks for your reply. Then I’ll purchase the Rapsberry Pi2 with this SD Card. I’m looking forward to use OSMC on the new Pi. I already liked it on the old Pi. Let’s see what the new Pi brings :smile:

So, just for clarity (for those of us that are not as versed on the topic) how do i keep OSMC from attempting to use the USB stick as a repo for it’s OS activities? That is, i want to use the USB stick as extra memory, say for recording/buffering live TV. Is that possible?

Yes - this thread was started by someone who wanted a USB stick install, specifically.
If you do a normal default install, it will be to CD card. and any USB stick will be automounted during use, and you can then configure your stuff to use it for storage/buffering


1.) is the use of a USB stick improving the speed of fanart loading?

2.) How can I use a USB stick in order to have larger cache size for buffering during streaming from the internet? e.g. HD streams?

thank you in advance for your time