Raspberry Pi 2 - PAL (Europe) composite output

Please, could someone help me to configure OSMC (on my Raspberry Pi 2) in order to send composite output (PAL Europe) on Yellow RCA.

Thank You


Good way is to look inside this

Also under: Options → My OSMC → Pi Config

Thank You Markus for your prompt reply.

Unfortunately, the indications and suggestions do not have allowed me to solve the problem.

Do you have other suggestions?

Thank You


What did you do? And what was the result?

If you are running the OS from Noobs then while the Pi is starting hit number 2 on the keyboard, should only need to do it once and it will switch the composite output to PAL. This only works if your Pi setup is booting from Noobs (New Out Of the Box System)

From raspberry documentation:


Defines the TV standard used for composite video output over the yellow RCA jack; the default value is 0.

sdtv_mode result
0 Normal NTSC
1 Japanese version of NTSC – no pedestal
2 Normal PAL
3 Brazilian version of PAL – 525/60 rather than 625/50, different subcarrier

Add the option to /boot/config.txt


You need to use this… but warnig because the Video signal it’s not on yellow cable but it’s possible it’s on white or red rca.

Sorry me… for have inserted a external link for image :slight_smile:

There are some links to this:

Kable and Connector layout:

From there

And another forum with an good instruction

May this solv it

Thank You TaccomXX

You write:

This only works if your Pi setup is booting from Noobs

Is there the possibility to switch the composite output to PAL, WITHOUT booting from NOOBS, BUT booting from OSMC directly?

Thank You again.


Did you read my post?

I think that you need to get the config.txt set correctly for PAL output rather than NTSC before you boot.
I think that the detection of no HDMI output possibility will then get you the output to PAL on analog (but can do HDMI if you have such a monitor/TV plugged in) at boot - ti has been some time since I needed to do it.

Yes, I modified the config.txt file, but does not seem to be happening: the analog output does not seem to work

If it does not work at all, there is a different problem (wrong connector or source on the tv or cable?)

If you feed a NTSC signal to a PAL tv, you should see a black and white picture.

You disconnected HDMI, right?

What cable are you using?

Assuming you have a working Analog output and a working cable, you should see something on the TV, though it may not be in color (If you don’t see anything and you’re not using Noobs then check the setting in the config as listed) Try also booting without the HDMI cable connected. If the pi is working as it should you should get something.

Failing which, post your config file and we’ll take a look from here.

sdtv_mode is available within System, My OSMC, Pi Config then scroll down.