Raspberry Pi 2 turns on TV on reboot

Hi everybody,

I just got a new RPi2 a few days ago and I’m having just one issue with OSMC. The thing is that everytime I reboot the machine, the TV turns on through the CEC. There are no peripherals under System - Input Devices, so I can not configure anything through ssh. In the config.txt file I already had this line:


It doesn’t work.

Any idea on how to fix this? It’s very annoying. Apart from that, everything works perfect for me.


You might want to look on your TV. Only my Sony Bravia (2009 vintage), it has an option in the HDMI control menu where I can tell it to not turn on when other HDMI devices turn on.

My TV does the same. Actually if i reboot the Pi the TV will switch inputs. I don’t believe/consider it is a bug but a feature of the TV. AS Steve28 pointed out you should be able to disable.

You can test if this truly is CEC or if it is your TV by disabling CEC altogether on your Pi.
Set the following in your config.txt to do this:


Note the difference from the similar …init=1 option which only disables CEC on boot (when Kodi starts it will be enabled).

However, if your TV supports CEC you should be able to disable CEC and optins in Settings - System - Input devices - Peripherals.
If this is not available, try to switch skin and reboot.

I had to turn off the CEC adapter in the Pi before it would stop turning the tv back on.

Thanks. I will try to change the skin. Maybe that’s all. I remember I changed it recently so it could be… Thanks for the tip. My TV doesn’t have too much options regarding CEC. The only option available refers to turn off tv when device turns off, but nothing about turning on the tv. I remember that I changed something in settings with my previous pi and raspbmc. I’ll post back when I try. Thanks again.

Hi again,

I never replied back and I’m sorry for that. Switching the skin showed me more options about the CEC peripherals. So, to conclude, the skin was the problem. When that happens, try to switch to the default skin on Kodi and you should find all the options.

Thank you!!!