Raspberry PI 2 wired connection to a DD WRT repeater. No Internet connection

I just downloaded the available OSMC installer for my Raspberry Pi 2.

Ran everything normally and it booted up normally.

Now my Raspberry Pi 2 is Wired connected to my DD WRT Secondary Router.

The Secondary Router is connected to the Primary Router wirelessly.

Problem is that when I connect the Raspberry Pi 2 to the Secondary Router, OSMC shows that there is no internet connection.

But when I pull the ethernet cord out and plug it into my macbook, it shows that im connected perfectly and I’m able to surf the net etc.

What is the problem here?


Try giving the Pi an IP address manually and see if that works.

Thanks for the reply.

I tried that and it finally said connected.

But when I try to add a source, It says im not connected. Weird. I’m reformatting the card and trying it again right now. I manually entered the IPs on my macbook this time. Will update.


Came back to update.

It’s really weird, Network says “No Internet” But I’m able to download sources watch shows etc. To get it starting, I had to click Get Updates and thats what got it going. But it still says “No Internet”

Does it have anything to do with the OSMC servers being down?

Airplay doesnt work nor does custom remotes.