Raspberry Pi 3 announced with OSMC support

i’ve buying new raspberry pi 3 on osmc store and price is £39,30 GBP. In €51,75 EUR…
in other website like it.rs-online.com is only € 36,92 … why the price is so hight in osmc store? is it possible to delete the order?

Any ideas how to enable the wifi? I cannot see it anywhere

I have refunded your order as you requested in another post.

The situation regarding HD audio is unchanged

I don’t have a Pi 2, and the 3 doesn’t seem to boot with the current image. Should I just wait for the new version, or is that still a way off?

I have the same question

Guys, I know the geekiness in you is strong and you are very eager to get all rpi3’d up n shizzle.

Just bear with us.
The device has only been available for a couple of days.

You all know how important testing is, and you all know how angry you would be if we pushed out OSMC with making sure it wouldn’t rip a hole in time and space.

Who wants to be dealing with that drama… :smiley:

A fully functioning OSMC RPi3 release will be available soon, we just need to smooth out a few niggles.


I can’t imagine the eaten fingernails in the last few hours. Give a Geek a new toy and say he can’t use it until whatever and we will see when the insanity hits him.

Btw. mine is also in the post, I’m not the guy with patience but CaNsA is right, the voices would immense louder if they bing out an RPi3 Image and all you get is frezzing screen or sad faces.

I postponed releasing February update images, as some of you duly noted a few days ago. This was because the new Pi was just around the corner. I didn’t want to create yet another image just a few days later.

Those that upgrade their Pi 2 before moving SD card over to a Pi 3 will find it works.

We have some further improvements to make and once they are verified and quality assured we will release them, along with new disk images that will work directly on a Pi 3 without any need for updates.

I have been using XMBC on the original xbox since XBMC came out. It is really incredible how the media center has vastly evolved over the years. I love OSMC and Kodi as a media center. I have three Pi 1 units, two Pi 2 units,and now a Pi 3 unit (why not have it all). I use flirc (flirc.tv) on a couple of them as CEC is not possible with the TV. My son has a Vero and totally loves it. Great to have H265 cpu support in Vero since H265 is headed to be the standard from H264 although it may take some time to fully catch on.

Great work to the entire team at OSMC, especially Sam.

Oops. I should say that I don’t actually use the original XBMC and original Xbox any more.

Just started using my RPi3 with SD moved from Pi2B. Works treat. Slight change in config.txt and it’s working much faster than Pi2B overclocked.
Live TV loads quicker and audio synchronises much faster too without hearing change of pitch.

The only downside is that GUI has got some tearing when scrolling horizontally (standard Aeon Nox skin on Kodi 16). It’s exactly same effect when I reduced refreshrate of screen down to 50 or less. I use it on 60 same as Pi2B.

Thanks for your kind words David!

I hope your son continues to enjoy his Vero.


That’s a question for a new thread :slightly_smiling:


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Did not mean to ask question about it :slightly_smiling:

I’ll wait until you release some updates to see if it will go away. It does not bother me too much. I’d rather wait until software will be up to scratch to fully support all features…

For now, just sharing experiences…

Keep up good work Sam!

Would you be so kind and show tell us what you did?

I just updated it to match (and slightly exceed) Rpi3 spec. :wink:


No issues so far.

have you managed to get the wifi working?

Are the new update for the Pi3 based on Jarvis? I cannot upgrade to Jarvis yet do to MySQL and the theme I’m using, just don’t have the time to redo everything .

Can you please release a Kodi 15.2 image?

The devs are pretty busy with moving things forward and chasing down bugs, I’m not sure they would be all that happy to move backwards with a beta-ish release just to incorporate 15.2.

Probably best if you just wait until you have some free time, then update to Jarvis.

The lack of gigabit ethernet, USB3 and hardware x265/HEVC decoding is a no go for me.

Just ordered my vero 2 :slightly_smiling: