Raspberry Pi 3 announced with OSMC support

Just started using my RPi3 with SD moved from Pi2B. Works treat. Slight change in config.txt and it’s working much faster than Pi2B overclocked.
Live TV loads quicker and audio synchronises much faster too without hearing change of pitch.

The only downside is that GUI has got some tearing when scrolling horizontally (standard Aeon Nox skin on Kodi 16). It’s exactly same effect when I reduced refreshrate of screen down to 50 or less. I use it on 60 same as Pi2B.

Thanks for your kind words David!

I hope your son continues to enjoy his Vero.


That’s a question for a new thread :slightly_smiling:


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Did not mean to ask question about it :slightly_smiling:

I’ll wait until you release some updates to see if it will go away. It does not bother me too much. I’d rather wait until software will be up to scratch to fully support all features…

For now, just sharing experiences…

Keep up good work Sam!

Would you be so kind and show tell us what you did?

I just updated it to match (and slightly exceed) Rpi3 spec. :wink:


No issues so far.

have you managed to get the wifi working?

Are the new update for the Pi3 based on Jarvis? I cannot upgrade to Jarvis yet do to MySQL and the theme I’m using, just don’t have the time to redo everything .

Can you please release a Kodi 15.2 image?

The devs are pretty busy with moving things forward and chasing down bugs, I’m not sure they would be all that happy to move backwards with a beta-ish release just to incorporate 15.2.

Probably best if you just wait until you have some free time, then update to Jarvis.

The lack of gigabit ethernet, USB3 and hardware x265/HEVC decoding is a no go for me.

Just ordered my vero 2 :slightly_smiling:

Did not even try for now. I’m using it via LAN as it’s next to my router anyway…

A great decision as it is definitely the more powerful device! I just hope you don’t expect Gigabit Ethernet and USB3 on the Vero2 :wink:

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I hope I can update from my on a R-Pi 3 running R-Pi 2 image to an full R-Pi 3 Image. That would be nice, so far an updated OSMC Image (to the latest 2016.02.01) works very well.

Thanks Sam.

That won’t be possible due to the change in userland architecture


Ok I cryed a bit, but it’s ok, good it’s hard to live whit that I’m a strong man I will survive :smiley:

You of course can always backup your Kodi config using the MyOSMC backup utility and then restore it to your new Pi3 install.

Hi, the website still shows that Pi 3 is supported by osmc, perhaps you can add a warning on the download page? Now people are assuming it should work and wasting time trying to install it, instead of just waiting for the release.

Oh, this is not a complaint btw, I love OSMC :slight_smile:

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I foolishly bricked my vero (1) last week - which was a real shame as I really really really enjoyed it. Ext HDD power supply instead of vero power supply. What a plonker I am. Completely my fault. AArrgh.
So I thought I better do something - thought I would try a pi3. Arrived today. Whoopee!
But can’t get past that rainbow screen. Then the sweats started.
Then CaNsA’s post made me laugh - I’m loving the ‘shizzle’.
So I went downstairs and spoke to my wife. And we had supper together.
Then she started suggesting things that need to be done in the garden. Or decorating that needs to be done.
So you see - OSMC is more than just software…
Keep up the great work guys. It’s a fantastic product, which loads of infrequent posters like myself really value.
I do plan to buy a vero2 sometime (and wrap bright electricians tape around the power barrel so I don’t balls it up again!)
Big thanks


OSMC runs brilliantly on my Pi v2, see no need to change as yet.

Nevertheless, I’d like to add to the general air of excitement and anticipation by announcing my own purchase of a Pi v3.


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