Raspberry Pi 3 - **BlueTooth Mega Thread **

Great work! Can’t wait for this update :slight_smile:

Will this driver support A2DP streaming?


I have a bluetooth dongle in my Pi3 now as a workaround but it’ll be damn nice to use the native Bluetooth for my PS3 controller.

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This is about getting the driver for the dongle. The functions will still be along the lines of this thread [TESTING] Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP)

I’ve just installed OSMC on my Raspberry Pi 3 but cannot see the blue tooth function on it.

Please help…

I too am wondering what is going on here with the inbuilt Bluetooth on Pi3 and OSMC.

It has now been stated as fixed,but I am confused as to whether it is possible to integrate this fix now or whether I have to wait for a consequential update?

Itching to get this PS3 controller setup!

Not sure what you consider as “stated as fixed”. Sam said he found a solution and it will be integrated in the next update.
So yes you will have to wait for the next update that most likely will come out on Sunday (keeping fingers crossed)

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As I say,I was just wondering whether it was possible to install something to update it now…or hae to wait for an update.I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime trying to get fake PS3 controller to work with RetroPi

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Bluetooth support is now available in our April update. You can learn more about this update here: http://bit.ly/1SJLxmt.



For me nothing is fixed.
Discovery service finds BT devices (Headphone and Samsung Soundbar).
After pairing with PIN or wthout PIN, connect/re-connect always fails.

Tested on pure OSMC install and existing OSMC.

bluetoothctl > info gives all details.
trust and pair commands work but connect always fail for both BT devices.

Am I still missing something?

Dear Sirs,
Is there any plan, to support OBEX file transfer by Bluetooth in OSMC? I just simply would liket to push photos from my phone to the RPi.

After the April update for pi3 should it be possible to use a bluetooth mouse? Osmc recognises the mouse as a device and allows me to pair with it and seems to be connected to it but there is no mouse function happening on the screen. Have not yet tried a bluetooth keyboard but am I likely to have the same lack of success? The mouse was one that I used with my Apple imac and it still functions on the imac.

Check if you have mouse input enabled under input devices

Yes mouse input is enabled and I can successfully use a usb mouse and keyboard. Was going to try the bluetooth mouse and though My Osmc recognises it and allows it to be paired and sets it up in the left hand box no arrow appears on screen and no action can be initiated by the mouse.

It seems to be working after “wget http://paste.osmc.io/raw/qiyekuvafe -O- | sudo sh” only for SoundBar.
Headphone is paired but immediately disconnects.

Headphone works with other devices like tablet and phone so how can I debug the issue with this specific device on OSMC.

As your issue is related to the A2DP from the testing thread I suggest you continue in that thread.

I have the same disconnecting issue with headphones…

Why is it that i have to enable BT on my PI3 in My OSMC-Network settings after every reboot?

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