Raspberry Pi 3 - How to disable onboard wifi?


Is it possible with OSMC to disable Onboard Wifi for using an external 5ghz Wifi adapter ?
Both (internal and external) are identified by the system but they don’t mix well
Blacklisting wireless module ?

Thank’s for your help

Not sure whether there’s specifically some OSMC way to do so - obviously if there is (somewhere :slight_smile:) that would be the best option to use.

Otherwise, you might be right about your blacklisting suggestion; there’s a discussion here which you might find useful.

Hope that helps!

You might also find this thread useful as it seems you can turn it on and off using OSMC :slight_smile:.

Of course!

Go to: My OSMC -> Network -> Wireless -> Disable Adapter

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Thank’s for your reply, THEM
Unfortunately you can’t disable just one interface (wlan0), in OSMC (it uses connman network management)
Blacklisting Broadcom drivers did the trick.

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But i need wireless adapter (the 5ghz external one) :slight_smile:

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Any news? i got the same problem, want to use the 5GHZ adapter but cant because the onboard wifi is enabled and desn’t appear my WIFi

Well a quick and dirty solution is dtoverlay=sdhost in /boot/config.txt

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