Raspberry Pi 3 + Ikea Koppla PSU

I though about trying the Ikea Koppla 3 x USB supply. Seven quid and, apparently, allows 2.4amp output if only one USB socket is used.

Raspberry Pi 3 plus a HifiBerry DAC+, nope. Wee yellow lightning symbol on all the time, even without the DAC.

Quick measure shows maximum of 1.4amp, hence not a lot of use.

Unless, of course, the one I bought is rogue?

IKEA isnt know for their quality might wanna pick up a better brand

IIRC only 1 of the three ports can deliver 2A the others are limited to 1A. The 2A socket will only deliver 2A if nothing else is connected too.

Can’t remember which port it is supposed to be though.

Ikea? Quality? Ha!

Yes, you are correct but I thought I’d give it a go. Pile of dross.

That’s what I believed, especially after reading a teardown on the US version but, alas, no 2.4amp as one USB port is supposed to have.

your welcome :smiley:

I use this 60 watt anker 6 port charger on my pi3 osmc (also simultaneously powers a pi 2 and 2 remote charging all the time… And an occasional iPad charging) with no issues


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