Raspberry Pi 3 JPEG decoder?

Hey guys, I’m kind of confused here.

I bought a new raspberry pi 3 and installed OSMC on it. After setting up my library, i was going to see some videos and… freezes on Tv Shows tab.

So, after searching a little I find out that it was because of JPEG decoding of the banners that my folders have ,which are downloaded by SickRage(Other instance of SickBeard).

And to confirm this I tried deleting some of those files from the folder and it did work.

What makes me really confuse is that this was the first time I had with this problem, I’ve already been using a Pi 2 for my other Tv and it still does not give me any problems with the jpeg files.

Logs: http://paste.osmc.io/ozamasolep

Is it possible to ask OSMC to scan the folder only for movie files and NOT for standard image ones?