Raspberry pi 3 not booting after last update

After last update my raspberry pi 3 won’t boot after reboot. Is it possible to repair installation? Raspberry is ok I tried another fresh installation with another micro sd card…

How far is it booting? Is something shown on the screen? Maybe share picture!

nope, it is only blank screen…

Well than a repair is quite unlikely. As you already have a new card with OSMC installed you could connect a card reader to the Pi plug in the old card and copy the .kodi from the old one to the new one.

Should this be Linux or is it possible in Windows?

It must be linux.

As I wrote just do it on your OSMC Pi (after you boot the new card).
Alternatively if you don’t want to do it directly on the Pi but on Windows you would need to install virtualbox and run a Linux LIve CD in the Virtualbox