Raspberry Pi 3+ overclocking in Putty or OSMC

New model and we seem to have an issue.

The built in OC only goes to 1200 that is 200htz behind the factory spec on the new ARM CPU.

I went into Putty to manually OC the Pi 3+ but realized that I didn’t know exactly were to begin to try to OC the darn thing.

Password: OSMC

and that is about as far as I was able to get … HELP, I need to run stock speeds.

Thank You

Don’t overclock if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

I remembered how, its been a while since I had to edit the config file.

What I was referring was by passing the OSMC 900mhz clock setting to return the stock Pi 3+ 1400

Works like a charm and the new pi 3+ is smoothest its ever been with the new “stock” settings.

Thanks Sam.

If you leave MyOSMC set to normal then default settings for the respective device should be applied.

For some reason it didn’t… :’(

It was dragging the whole performance of the system down severely. But its rolling great now, got it all sorted out.

Just checked and normal works OK here.
Need to see logs if this is not the case.


In normal mode, you may see 900 on the screen on that page of the pi config menu but, the setting is not actually applied in the config.txt.