Raspberry Pi 3 overheating issue

I am constantly getting a warning through OSMC (yellow square, sometimes red flashing at top right corner of screen) that my Pi 3 is hot. I have it in a well ventilated case that came with it and I already have a heatsink on it. Should I ask for a replacement or is this typical? I had the pi overclocked, but now put it back to normal and it still seems to be hot.

Try removing the top layer of case to see if that helps to rule out case issue. That was the problem when I got yellow warning.

Make sure rss feeds are disabled, that causes high cpu usage.

How hot is it in the room? I had my yellow square with an HEVC Video in an room with 30°C the Core passiv cooled. A bad head connection between Core and heatseink could be the problem.

Between 50 and 70 Celsius. I undid the overclock and it seemed to be dusty so I popped the top off and blew it out. Will see if that makes a difference

The room has 50 degree Cesisus and above, really?

You need a temperture delta to transfer heat from a warm spot to a “colder” one, and it’s better when the delta is bigger.

No I mean that’s the temp range that it says the board is getting to

Ah okay, that’s pretty normal mine has this workingrange too

What use case is this?
Continuous high cpu, perhaps from software video decode, or a constantly animating GUI item (like RSS feed) does generate heat and can produce throttling without some form of cooling.
Hardware video playback shouldn’t cause this.

Unfortunately a heat sink in a case doesn’t really allow the heat to escape.
Something like the Flirc case (there is a kodi branded version) is very effective as dispersing heat as the heatsink is connected to the aluminium case.

Otherwise a heat sink without a case may work.

Btw. what for an case?


This is the case I have