Raspberry Pi 3 stuck at add-on migration in progress after update

I tried rebooting I am still stuck at the same screen. Been over 1.5 hours now

Try deleting addons27.db from the .kodi\userdata\database folder.

im kinda a noob. what would be the best command to do that through ssh?

if you have pc. Download program called winscp much easier. Enter ip address of pi and it will let you browse through folders on device.

Im on a mac. I downloaded cyberduck, but there is no .kodi folder under osmc

Yes, there is. It’s a hidden folder.

ok how do I access it

The .kodi folder is hidden, if you’re using a graphical program then you’ll need to find the option to show hidden files.

I wouldn’t delete the whole directory, just look in to for a file with a name like addons<somenumber>.db and rename it.

You need to stop kodi before you make the change and so you’ll need the command line for that.

The command to stop kodi is sudo systemctl stop mediacenter and to re-enable it after you’ve renamed the file the command is sudo systemctl start mediacenter.


I’m not familiar with cyberduck, but there should be an option to show hidden files and folders?

Yeah, what @yknivag says :slight_smile:

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If you can’t find the option, log in on the command line and run:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
cd /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/database/
ls -al
<find the files that are name addon>
mv <file named addon some number> <file named addon some number>.bak
sudo systemctl stop mediacenter

ok I managed to find the file. I didnt delete it just renamed it 27a. I have a 19, 20 and 27 add on file in there. I stopped the mediacenter and started again after…still doing the same thing

Stop the mediacenter first, then rename all the addon files you can find in that directory, and then start the mediacenter again.

It will sit on there for a while as it will need to create a new addon database and the time it takes will depend on the number of addons you have, but it will get there eventually if you follow the above.

ok I saved a copy to the desktop then deleted all the addon files. It started right up. Should i put the files back now?

No, it will build a new one automatically. You’re all done.

cool thank you guys so much for your help! much appreciate:slight_smile: