Raspberry pi 3

Hi! This is my first time using raspberry pi 3 and OSMC. I am trying to download OSMC onto my sd card but once it get to the end of the download it tells me it can not be installed and to check the log for an error. I’ve tried multiple cards by sandisk and a USB read and a card reader.

Which OS are you using to install ?
Are you using OSMC installer ?

Yes on my MacBook Pro

To save further bandwidth, I’d recommend you first download a disk image of OSMC to your computer. Ensure that it’s the one for the Pi 2/3 and then, if possible, run an md5sum against the downloaded file. It should be 00fd63eb62f65d53e5f6a2ec4d45dee7 for release 2017.04-1.When you next run the installer, choose the local copy as your data source. See if that makes a difference.

Ignore the error, seems to be a common thing on OSX (I had the same issue), I’m guessing it can’t mount the partitions properly due to the file format (although you can manually mount the boot partition).

Anyhow just eject the SD card and stick it in the PI and boot it, will install fine.

I’m hooking it up to my tv and the only option it’s giving me once I boot it up is a message asking to access photos

Is it mandatory to use Ethernet when hooking up ?

The first thing it should do is run through the initial set-up. That message doesn’t look right.

That’s what I thought :confused: … I’m stuck on what to do next

Download the image and check if the md5 matches. Then try using the installer again.

I don’t use MacOS/OSX but it’s based on BSD so should have many of those useful ^nix commands buried away somewhere. Maybe we can use something like dd. I’ll need to check, but consider it Plan B, after the installer.

Sorry I am a Microsoft man don’t mess with fruit LOL

Wot - not even raspberry?