Raspberry Pi 3B+ 3D Issues?

Is there any known issue with the RPi3 build with regard to 3D? I imaged a new SD card last night with the latest build of OSMC for Pi3 and although OSMC seems to know that the MKV is 3D, and prompts me for desired format, it is jumbled on the screen. These are 3D-MVC MKV files with proper stereoscopic tags that play fine on my Vero4K+.

I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything about the functionality of the latest build.

In fairness I have not tried the Pi build in at least a year. I hooked this Pi up to my 3D projector which I have used for a long time for 3D, but not in many months now.

Thanks for any guidance!

Oh…is this still the roadblock for the Pi builds with 3D-MVC? If so sorry, I’ve been sleeping this long. I use my Vero all the time, but I wanted a temp solution in another room so I’m trying to run a Pi3B+ in there.

Yes - 3D is no longer supported on this platform anymore.

Wow! Forever or is it still waiting for the Pi Foundation to implement some widget?

Is it possible to still use a 3D-compatible build? Would something like this still support 3D:


I guess I’d like to know what the last version is that supports 3D. I’m not so concerned with the latest build as long as it doesn’t auto-break my install or 3D functionality if I update it via “sudo apt-get dist-update”

You would need the last Kodi v18 release, which was in November 2020 if memory serves.

They have to implement it. But 3D is a dying format again.

We will guarantee support for our next generation of Vero however.

I have versions dated 10/19/20 & 12/27/20. lol

Thanks Sam. I like my Vero4K+. I’ll buy another probably when the next version comes out. Right now the main reason I want to run this is consumption of 3D. For 2D stuff it’s super easy to use one of the 8 other streaming devices I have that already support commercial providers out of the box. In this instance I really am just looking for a 3D streamer.