Raspberry Pi 4- Add On Backup Fail

Hello, I purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 to replace my 3B+ as I was previously running out of memory. I created a backup using a Program Add On called “Backup” however whenever I attempt to do so it fails to Restore the backup I created. I already attempted to restore using the OSMC Backup Utility however when I do this the Pi 4 does not work. Any ideas?


Which situation are the logs showing? After restore of OSMC Backup?

Thank you for the response. These logs are showing the Program Add On fail after I attempt to Restore using this program “Backup” it used to be called “XBMC Backup” on Kodi. I have not included the Backup Utility logs (one from the My OSMC menu) because everytime I do so I end up with a completely blank menu and then I have to format the SD and install a fresh OSMC. I’ve searched on forums here and it seems that there’s no real way to get a Backup to work well from a 3B+ to a Pi 4… of course I could be dead wrong

Update to staging and backups should work.

Thanks for the tip. I am very close to a noob. How do I do this, thank you in advance.

That should be easy to fix if you access the Pi via SSH or you might just try to mount the SD on your PC and remove some files to get moving (e.g.guisettings.xml)

Excellent. I will try it right now. Thanks to you both. Will let you know if there are any issues as I am not very experienced with this. But I am appreciative. Thanks

If you can access via SSH you always can upload logs via grab-logs -A so we can help.

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