Raspberry pi 4 error while trying to connect to WIFI


I did a fresh install of the latest version of osmc and while trying to connect to my wifi I get an error.
I upload the network part to pastebin to the following link 2021-08-08 04:34:17.690 T:608 DEBUG <general>: script.module.osmcsetting.net - Pastebin.com

would be great if someone could help

Are you trying to connect to a 5ghz network on a channel over 100? If so did you see this thread…

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No Trying to connect to a 2.4Ghz network.

Please upload full logs: grab-logs -A and post the URL.


posted on hastebin

Thank you for your time


That’s not a full log, its only a kodi log. Can you please do as @dillthedog, requested. So we can get a full picture of what’s going on.

Thanks Tom.

I had to select wired network when installing OSMC on my SD card and then select wifi in OSMC settings. If I used wireless when building the image it would not connect. Maybe you can try this?

Same issue on my raspberry pi 4

I always got the “unhandled exception caught” error

I have no idea how to fix it

I just fixed it. Just reinstall OSMC and check wired connection instead of wireless. Connect it to your router or if you have a TV just use your remote. Then connect to your WiFi and enter your password. Then you should have an internet connection.

I hope I helped you out.

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Works for me