Raspberry Pi 4 Model B announced - OSMC

No change there:

ETAs just lead to disappointment.
Patience grasshopper.

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The only disappointment is that I have a RPi4+ just sitting there, doing nothing. :cry:

But I’ve still got a completely functional RPi3+ sitting right next to it, working just fine. :grin:

Hopefully, I’ll find some way to get by until December… :thinking:

Until at least the end of 2020, your Pi 3 will perform better and play back a wider range of content than your Pi 4

This is a new platform and will be part of the Pi roadmap for some time, so we are working on things steadily and taking some considerations in to account. A 64-bit kernel makes sense and reduces update issues with APT and architecture handling.



You should pin that comment to the top so everyone can see it

My main reason for getting a pi 4 would be if there is significant improvements in speed browsing the skins and UI with lot of artwork.

Have you noticed much improvement in snappiest with the user interface?

Maybe for running a nzb client like sabnzbd.

Not really crazy to get Kodi in RPi4+, the 3+ is working just fine.

But is hard to explain to common mortals like me that a RPi3+ is better than the 4 when the changes in hardware lead to a much better performance, at least in paper.

Anyway, when the release for RPi4+ gets available we will see, but taking in consideration Sam’s words, many people (including me) are heading to a disappointing firsts releases.

The hardware is not the problem. The problem is they released it before there was software and drivers available to make everything work as it should. All the previous Pi’s were using the same platform so they benefited from years of refinement. The Pi 4 will eventually be better once its software catches up.

Just install a raspbian and play with it… That’s all there is for now.

You can also try LibreELEC for Pi 4 - it is much closed and limited than Osmc and an interface NOT so pretty.
It is NOT possible to install our own dpkg as in Osmc (only add-ons).
In fact is a very stripped out distribution.
But you can make an use for your Pi 4 and test the differences, until Osmc for Pi 4 is released

Don that last week and works fine with the Pi4

What is the best way to get involved and help with the progress on the RPi4 image?

You can fork the project on GitHub and start making changes there

Is there a beta channel we can subscribe to download a test image for the RPi4 ?

Not at this time.

Any news about build for Rpi4? We really need it. :slight_smile:

Every post here takes away crucial programming time from Sam to finish the new versions. So stop asking especially if same question was asked 2 days ago


Sorry fzinken, this was my timeslot, not vrobec’s, all members of this Forum had agreed to schedule this in an 2 days rhythm to ask about support for the Pi 4, so unfortunately I can’t say who is next, but there will be one.

Speaking as a programmer, I fully endorse this post. Il