Raspberry PI 4 Profile Issue

Hi everyone,
I’m running the PI4 Image [2021.08-1] of OSMC on my RaspberryPI4. Often when trying to log out of an Kodi profile the logout process freezes, forcing me to restart the mediacenter via cli.
I appended the logs created with grab-logs -A of an session where i logged in and out until the error occured.
and with debuglevel enabled reproduced :

Any suggestions whats not working and how to fix the issue?

Kind regards Shangri

Does this occur on a clean installation with the OSMC skin active and no other add-ons?

Hi Sam,

thanks for your reply. I redownloaded the image, flashed it onto the sd card and made a fresh installation and configuration of OSMC. After that i created a second profile and started loging in and out. The error occured instantly.
Logs of fresh install without reboot: https://paste.osmc.tv/nicelalejo
Logs with debug mode enabled and 2 restarts of the system: https://paste.osmc.tv/yazoxohiti

I would like to give this a bump, before making a github issue. I just ran into this problem again for now two weeks.

Have you tried on a newer version of OSMC?

Unfortunately profile support in Kodi is somewhat buggy…