Raspberry pi 4 WIFI not working

I have installed using the official Rasbarry Pi imager first. Once the system booted up I found the network settings and enabled wifi. It listed the local networks and upon selecting my wifi it would think for a minute before asking for the password. After entering the password it spends a few minutes “configuring” and then fails saying “unable to connect to network”

I then tried to install using the installer from the OSMC website. This proved to be even more frustrating. It asks for your wifi configuration before writing the image to the SD card… then when you boot up the system the wifi is disabled and not configured. Why ask for it if you are not going to do anything with it? When trying to configure it I am getting the same behavior as with the other installer.

What do I need to do next? I would like to use this but it is worthless without wifi. Running a cable to the router is not practical. If it was then I would not be trying to use wifi.

Can you run a cable temporarily?

There is an issue preventing WiFi from working in the latest image, but the next update (scheduled for Sunday) will result in a new image where this will be resolved.

Not really an option without a lot of work. Will just wait and hope the update comes out and corrects the issue.

You can use an older image and update, or wait until Sunday