Raspberry Pi B+ "No Signal"

Hi, I have scoured the internet trying to find an answer but I am stuck!

I had XBMC on my Pi B+, but I decided it was time for OSMC! I have a class 10 16gb SD card. I used the installer and selected all the correct options, correct model, wired etc. When I select the SD card, the installer says it is around 15.3gb, does that sound right?

Anyway, when I power up the Raspberry Pi, the red power light comes on, but it seems nothing else is happening. I am on the correct HDMI channel that worked before, but now it says “No Signal”.

I have tried installing OSMC using RC1, 2 and 3. Thank you for anyone that reads this!

Looks like it isn’t finding the correct boot file.
I hope you selected the correct install - for Pi B+ it should be the Pi 1 not Pi 2

Hiya Dan, yeah I selected the correct install.

I have a feeling it is a dodgy SD Card, I am going to buy a new one and see if that does it.

Thanks for the reply.