Raspberry Pi B+ - OSMC 18 - Playback of tvheadend stutters on startup

As previously reported, the playback of a tvheadend stream, either DVB-S or IPTV ‘stutters’ on initial playback of the ‘channel’. I describe it as “play-pause-play-pause-play”. Once past this initial ‘stutter’ the channel plays without problem.

The debug log below should include a reboot, with initial pvr channel guide loading, followed by a selection of playback of both DVB-S and IPTV channels.

The problem is reproducible.

Device = Raspberry Pi B+
Peripherals = None (tvheadend is remote server as is media storage - nfs mount, over wired Ethernet).

Problem first noted on initial release of OSMC running Kodi 18.


Happy to provide any further details to help solve this problem.

Many thanks.

I reported this issue too, it only happens with omxplayer enabled. If you disable omxplayer should play ok with mmal player.

Thanks the_bo.

This does indeed appear to stop the initial ‘stutter’ on playback however, the MMAL player shows signs of choppy playback intermittently and audio and video sync issues (for me anyway), and is unusable. The OMXPLAYER, on my Raspberry Pi B+ at least, is the better player of the two. I would prefer to put up with the initial ‘stutter’ to have smooth playback.

I note that their has been suggestions of the OMXPLAYER coming to end of life? I wonder what the future is for older hardware if hardware acceleration is no longer supported or has problems (i.e. playback fails miserably without hardware acceleration with limited CPU hardware).

Both OMXPlayer and MMAL will be removed in the next version of Kodi


Thanks for the update Sam.

What is replacing them? Is it available for testing?

V4L2. It’s not ready for testing yet but will come with Kodi v19.