Raspberry Pi - Disable LED diodes

It would be nice if OSMC have option to disable LED diodes on Raspberry Pi. I can disable them in /boot/config.txt by adding:


Disable the PWR LED


Disable the Activity LED


Disable ethernet port LEDs


Problem is that this get removed in few weeks and I have to do it again.

So that option to disable the Led don’t work I you add them to config-user.txt?
If they don’t work when added to config-user.txt my recommendation is to use a cron job to check if they are still in config.txt and if not add them

# Warning: do not edit this file, or it could prevent your OSMC system from starting.
# If you wish to make changes, you should do so via My OSMC or edit the config-user.txt file in this directory

It wolks perfectly with /boot/config-user.txt

Thank you very much