Raspberry Pi - Green artifacts / pixelations in 10 bit videos played on OSMC but not Libreelec

When I played some 10 bit 720p/1080 bit mkv files on OSMC
there is terrible green artifacts / pixelations in the video that makes it unwatchable.
Also the 1080p 10bit playback was really slow.

I then tested the same videos on Libreelec and the videos play perfectly without any green artifacts,
Libreelec was also able to play the 1080p 10bit alot more smoothly (without slowdowns) compared to OSMC.

The videos also play without issue on my PC…
which means the files are not corrupted.

The same hardware acceleration settings is enabled on both setup
I tested this on the same Raspberry Pi 3B+, the only thing changed was swapping the microsd that contains OSMC or Libreelec

So why is this only happening in OSMC and is it fixable?

Without logs, it’s only a guess, but do you have Hardware acceleration enabled? And do you have Adjust Refresh Rate set to Start/Stop.

yes, as mention in the first post
-The same hardware acceleration settings is enabled on both setup
Allow hardware acceleration - OMXPlayer = disabled
Allow hardware acceleration - MMAL = enabled

I changed the Adjust Refresh Rate set to Start/Stop but it does not make any difference,
it is still showing the same green artifacts

I will get some logs, but what logging options should be enabled so I can show it here?

Just enable debug logging, it’s explained simply here

Mediainfo on a problematic file will probably also be useful.

It would’ve also helped to know which LE version was used