Raspberry PI Model B crashes when playing a 1280p Video

I’m using the OSMC (2017.07-1) on a Raspberry PI Model B,
lately it crashes when i try to play some videos. They have at least the frame-with of 1280 in common. I tried to play the video from the sd card so that i’m sure there is no issue with the power of the external hdd. without the hdd and only the sd card, same result happens. namely when i hit the play, screen goes black, then blue with some line on it ant the pi restarts. This does not happen when playing another video with smaller frames.
Here are the log file: https://paste.osmc.tv/atewahemel , video playback started exactly at 22:51 (maybe that helps for the log read) and the Media info: http://paste.osmc.io/lamowivobo.tex

i couldn’t find any solutions online / in the forum, so i hope someone can help me on this post.

If this is not a Pi3, it’s unlikely that it will play 1080p HEVC files. Even the Pi3 can struggle with some HEVC encodes. Stick with h.264 files instead of h.265/HEVC.

Hi, yes i converted the file to h.264 and the pi played it back with out any problems. it seems the h.265 codec being the problem here. Thank you for your help.