Raspberry Pi model

Been running the Pi 2b for some years now. Some apps lag a lot - probably because of resolution too high for Raspberry to cope - sound and pictures ends up being out of sync. Some of these apps are not possible to reduce resolution.

So I am planning new hardware, and I would like to stick to the Raspberry platform.

Model 5 seems to be availably now, but it seems that Model 3 has some hardware decoding build in - which the 5 does not.

Whixh Raspberry Pi model is best for OSMC?

As of today I would say Pi 4 (as Pi5 is currently not supported). The hardware decoding capabilities are superseded by the stronger CPU in the Pi4.

But if your target is to have a mediacenter without the usage of the GPIO’s than the better choice is the VeroV

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As @fzinken says - but is there a specific reason you want to stick with Pi?

It is a platform that I can use for other purposes when upgrading. Planning MUT on this one.

I second this. IMO the Pi 5 is better suited to use as a desktop than for a media player and it has extra cooling requirements that limit your case choices. I have a Vero V connected to my main TV but I have RPi 4’s connected to four other TV’s in my house stuffed into FLIRC cases. I have kodi setup with a PVR as well as my library and they provide the entirety of content that is consumed. I have no complaints or regrets with these boxes.

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