Raspberry Pi ModelB and Edimax EW-7612Uan V2 (RTL8192SU)

Hello everyone!

First of, I’m an absolute Linix/Debian beginner. Based on some reasearch on the web, I bought a EW-7612 V2 WLAN dongle with is equipped with a RTL8192SU chipset. I found the internet saying, it works out of the box.
Although it gets recognized by the system, my RPi stops being accessable via SSH/Yatse after a few minutes. Disabling power management and setting up a crontab to ping my router every minute, it won’t be reachable after a few minutes. My router still lists the device as being active. Accessing over LAN is not a problem.
I also tried to get an answer through the search function, without success.
Can anyone help?
Is there a way to compile the driver manually?

Thank you!

MyOSMC>PiConfig> Enable max_usb_current and reboot.