Raspberry pi no longer supported?

I’m running a November 2020 version of OSMC on two different raspberry pi. When I tried to do update I get a message saying “this platform is no longer supported”. I’m not sure what model rpi I’ve got. They are stuck behind the TV I made a mess of wires and I’d rather not dig it out. Did you really drop support?

See the blog post

Supported device changes

A few months ago, we covered in detail the changes to supported devices. In summary: Raspberry Pi 0 /1 and Vero 2 devices are now no longer supported, and the November 2020 release with Kodi v18.9 is the last version to run on these devices.

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You must have a Raspberry Pi 0 / 1. Support for these platforms has indeed been deprecated because of the age of the devices. The Raspberry Pi family of devices is still supported however.


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