Raspberry pi not able to add network shared drive

I am using Raspberry Pi 3 with new OSMC. My content is on a old Win XP box. The XP box has a sheared folder with no username or password needed.

I have many Kodi devices that have been working with the XP server without any issues. The OSMC on the other hand is just a pain in the rear. I have spent two days trying to find any solution online without any success.

You are my last hope

Sorry, wrong URL.

Did you search this forum? Lots of information about the problem to be found :wink:

(Hint: search for SMB1)

I did. With SMB1 i can see the server however i am not able to save the path.

What do you mean by this? Save the path where?

When i go to “File Manager” > “Add source” > “Browse” > “Windows network (SMB)”

i type my server ip address and i am at a page with:

       Enter Password:
       Remember for this path:

I do not have a username or password on my server so i just check the box “Remember for this path” and i hit “OK”

Same screen with Username, Password and remember for path keeps coming back. It will not let me save the path.

I would suggest that you just use fstab mounts. Configuring fstab based Samba share mounts

You may need to change where it has the user=xxx,password=xxx options to just guest.

Looks like the “guest” worked. I have added the server info, but under the “Movies” i still don’t see icons of the movies . . . i have ran “update library” several times and still nothing.

Are the movies named correctly and the scraper settings correct?
Enable debug logging and upload the log after rebooting and triggering an update

tried to install the “universal movie scraper” and got an error


Well if you want to have help with the error you need to tell us what is the error and also upload debug enabled logs

Per the wiki for the log file.

I tried to install from repository the “Kodi Logfile Uploader” . And i got “Installation Failed”

Do i have other option on how to generate the log file?

Why is Kodi just a pain when running on pi. I have been using Kodi for many ears, never have i spent so much time trying to do simple things. So frustrating.

No need for any external tools
You can learn more about how to submit a useful support request here.

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i have saved the log to the sd card but when i open the sd card on the pc i do not see any log . . .

That is strange and could indicate a SD Card problem
What happens if you upload the file instead of saving it to the SD Card?