Raspberry Pi / OSMC as DVR for broadcast TV

Finally got OSMC working reasonably well on my Raspberry Pi 2 B. (Profile below) Would like to see how this device works as a DVR for broadcast TV. Can this be done with OSMC, or do I need something different to use it as a DVR? (There are a lot of tutorials out there, is there a best one, or should it be simple after getting OSMC working?)

I have (still in the box and factory sealed) a USB video card, the “ATI TV Wonder HD 750”. Is this any good, or should I return it immediately and get something else?

Thanks very much in advance!!!

Device: Rasp Pi 2 Model B
Ram: None Added
Installation media: 8 GB SD card
Connection: WiFi
Power Supply Type: Cell Phone Adapter (5V, 2.1 Amp)
Power specs:
Peripherals: TP-LINK 823N USB Adapter
Storage Device: None
OSMC version: June 2015
XBMC version: N/A
Codecs: None Added
Audio/Video Output: HDMI
Overclocked: No
Config.txt Extras: None

It looks like a possible - but I notice it says DVB-T and not DVB-T2 (which is what you’d need for UK HD channels).
Search the forums, and you may find whether the PVR supplied can be use with this tuner - there have been discussions.

I am actually in the USA (maybe we need to add “Country” to the profile :slight_smile: )

If I plug this into the RPi, can I set it up to watch (and record) TV with OSMC?

I have a device from Silicon Dust, the HDHomeRun Connect, that is an ethernet based OTA device. It encodes the signal and puts it on your network so any device can use it, including Kodi. This model has two streams. I can stream the OTA signal fine to my RPi2/OSMC/Kodi install.

I have not tried recording to the RPi2. I have a NAS and PC for that.


Another great site to look up coverage for your area (US):